Palestinian Territory boundary line

Download Palestinian Territory state boundary line data in CSV format**. For example Palestinian Territory boundary line data can be used to draw border line on Google map or polyline on equirectangular map image. Read more

Palestinian Territory boundaries on map

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Latitude, longitude: 31.952, 35.233. Area: 2402 sq.mi. Population: 4,668,466


** These boundaries are not official border lines of Palestinian Territory. Read more on terms of use pages.
Country data sources: United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division. World Population Prospects: The 2015 Revision. Data are estimates and projections according to a medium-fertility variant. Retrieved 07/04/2016.
Base of boundary data: (update: not available any more) shape file on, simplified using Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm to reduce number of lines. Few missing border lines and corrections drawn point-by-point using: Lat-Long tool on site.


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Download boundary data

Download Palestinian Territory boundaries in CSV format.


File info: 139 lines, 3 polylines, size: 2,609 bytes