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Boundaries.us provides boundary line data for states, counties and places in USA. New: country boundaries are also added to our site. Data is in CSV format (comma separated values) with one latitude longitude coordinate per line. If polyline is not continous (for example because of an island), empty line is included. On this page you can find example, how can you show boundary polyline on Google maps using PHP. You are free to download, modify and apply this data for your personal or commercial websites. Data is released under Creative Commons 4.0 International license. Notice: Information on boundaries.us is provided "as is" without warranty or any representation of accuracy, timeliness or completeness. Read more on our terms of use page.

Boundaries of United States

US Boundary line drawn on Google map and location of the United States on equirectangular world map (png, 2.5MB). Boundary lines on world map are drawn using data from our site. You can click on flag to hide it.
[Google map][US on World map]

Google map shows only US boundary lines. World map contains US and other country boundary lines drawn using CSV files available on this site.


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Download boundary data

Download US boundaries in CSV format.


File info: 7855 lines, 252 polylines, size: 160,635 bytes

For web designers: Structure of the boundary data, what is CSV, how to show border polylines on Google map, what can you do with border data etc.. Read on Help, FAQ page.